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Over 20 years of experience

We have provided lawncare and landscaping services to Oklahoma City Metro and Lawton Surrounding Areas for over 20 years.


We are passionate about our work

We once read a quote that fits us perfectly. “The meaning of work is to translate love into something visible.” We firmly believe that’s what we do. We love people and we love bringing beauty to their homes and businesses through the work we perform. And it’s not just about the beauty - it’s about giving people more free time to do the things or spend with people THEY love.


We are improving everyday

We are committed to excellence which is why we seek opportunities to learn as much as we can about the latest innovations in the lawn and landscaping industry to bring our customers the very best.

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What others say about us

“I am extremely happy with your lawn service. Our community has never looked better since you took over the contract. Sidewalks are all nicely edged along the clubhouse and lake… You are making it look like we are a community that has pride in our appearance. ”

Donna B.

HOA Resident

“The yard is FINALLY coming together this year. Shout out to Garza's Green Grass for the spruce up. I had the lawn and plants coming in ok but it was missing some finishing touches. His guys were able to bring all of my work together and make it pop. Your guys nailed it. Thanks again. Money well spent and an investment worth making.”

Mike K.

Landscaping Customer

“I have been so pleased with them that they also maintain my personal home and several other properties we have. I recommend Garza’s without reservation and would be happy to speak directly to any potential customers.”

Marva Ellard

Sieber Holdings, LLC

“Garza’s has the three important qualities that we look for as a construction general contractor—quality, timeliness, and competitive pricing. The quality of their work is superb and starts with the creativeness in Mr. Garza’s design. Mr. Garza really puts himself into the project and has good attention to the smallest of detail. He takes ownership in the outcome, a rare trait in today’s culture. Also rare in this business, Garza’s really completes their work, all the way down to sweeping up and making fully ready the site where they have worked.”

Michael J. Berryman

Berryman Enterprises, LLC